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Introducing my Open Source Hour service, where you can pay for one hour of my dedicated time to contribute to open source projects related to TinyGo. As a passionate and experienced developer, I will work on open source projects, making meaningful contributions to the community.

By using my Open Source Hour service, you can support the TinyGo community while ensuring that your investment goes towards a worthy cause. As a solo developer, you can trust that your contribution will have a direct impact on the projects that I work on.

While you may not have control over the specific projects I work on during your hour, you can rest assured that your investment is supporting the open source community and helping to improve the software industry as a whole.

Thank you for considering my Open Source Hour service as a way to give back to the TinyGo community and support open source projects.


Note: this is not a consultancy service, you’ll get nothing in return, I will spend one hour working on TinyGo related projects or documentation.

Also consider contributing directly via the Open Collective page of TinyGo.


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